With over 20 years of experience, we know the automotive industry very well. With our team of specialists, we take on project management tasks across the entire value chain, particularly in:

  • Technical development: from the first idea, the first components, validation, change management to series production
  • Sourcing and Purchasing: from supplier selection, supplier evaluation, contract award, supplier qualification, tool management, prototypes, fulfillment of contracts, to trouble shooting in the event of contract disruptions
  • Logistics: from the first capacity check, milestone plan, securing deadlines, optimizing deadlines, pre-series, series start-up, securing supplies to inventory optimization
  • Production: from production planning, process optimization, capacity management to the continuous improvement process
  • quality assurance: from advance quality planning, product planning, process planning, quality assurance, supplier development, supplier quality assurance, initial sampling, series release to field damage management