Automotive – professional services

Of course, we also offer our services, which are presented here in the automotive sector, to customers from other sectors. Here we are happy to bring in the high standards of the automotive industry as "best practice".

CIC offers a wide range of services, especially for OEMs and suppliers in the international automotive industry.
We are happy to take on tasks for you as a project manager, project manager, consultant and consultant in project management automotive, but of course also in project management for mechanical engineering, industry, food or medical technology.
We specialize in problems relating to procurement, supplier management, start-up management, parts supply, production, process optimization and quality management.
We assume full responsibility for the processing of complete project scopes, bridge the gap as interim managers, support you with expertise and energy if you should ever get stuck, or make the capacity and knowledge of our experts available to you on a temporary basis.
We have a broad range of expertise and are flexible and available internationally.