reliability, continuity & precision since 1991

Our core competence lies in giving customized and individual services to our customer to efficiently supply their sourcing needs in advanced industrial products.

The main markets we serve are Germany and Europe. But also internationally we are well linked up with our representative office in Hongkong, a close network even to Governmental organizations in China as well as long term partnerships in Japan and India.

Over all our business sectors our key role is bringing together the demand of the markets and the opportunities of latest production technologies. Even if we are consulting, intermediating, trading or manufacturing ourselves – our focus always is to find the ultimate solution for your individual needs.

The guideline for our daily work are severe values like partnership, fairness, clearness, honesty, care and safety. We consider as an obligation to care for the use of resources and to respect our environment.

Besides that, we are well aware of our social responsibility and engage ourselves in various, mostly local activities around arts, culture and communal life.


CIC operates a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008

Communal Vehicle of Weissach im Tal

CIC cares for environment.
Therefore we are sponsoring the NEV communal car of the community of Weissach im Tal. This vehicle is one of the first communal cars in Germany with full electric drive. Besides the communal use it is available for the local non commercial clubs and associations for their voluntary community services work.

Schulfrucht Baden-Württemberg

CIC appreciates the idea of the European School Fruit Scheme. Negative tendencies of our modern society show up in even essential questions like health, nutrition and eating habits. Therefore we support the initiative of Baden-Württemberg and sponsor the supply of fruits and vegetables to the Grundschule in Weissach im Tal.

Sculptural Track Weissach im Tal

CIC cares for culture. In 2012 the community of Weissach im Tal created a sculptural track, which combines nature and arts. CIC took over the godparentship for a sculpture named “ The Rhinocerus”. A miniature of a rhino, casted in bronce metal and painted in clear blue. We felt corresponding to this little statue, as is represents perfectly the character of CIC : small, exclusive, different but unique.

Begegnung am Brüdenbach

CIC supports the local event „Begegnung am Brüdenbach“, which is organized by the communities of Weissach im Tal and Auenwald. Numerous schools, kindergardens, public and privat organizations are offering a wide scope of activities around nature, landscape, tradition, art, culture, sports and entertainment along the small Brüdenbach river.

John Cranko Gesellschaft in Stuttgart

CIC cares for arts. We are sponsoring member of the Stuttgart John Cranko Association. A non-profit organization, which dedicates itself to the ballet in general and the work of John Cranko. This organization supports and encourages ballet dancers, choreographers and productions, as well as the Stuttgart ballet school named after the famous John Cranko. Besides that the Association awards the John-Cranko-Price to honor persons for outstanding activities around the ballet.